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DRT Prices from 1 Nov 2007


Wind Speed Meter Standard £38, with Temp/windchill £50 incl UK pp
Rating Stopwatches £10 and £50
Loudhailers [special order only
[less batteries ] Detachable Mic £ 75, Fixed mic £70 , Postage [parcel post] £10

RateMeters and Rate Timers [ all ratemeter prices include UK p&p]

[New] Standard unit [ with sensor + magnet] £65
Extra Sensor kit £14 .

Extra Magnet £2,

Batteries £1.50 or £5 inc pp if we replace.
RateMate [includes sensor + magnet]
Normal type £45 [3.5mm plug] ,
Hard Wired version £44 [no plug fitted ] ,
RateOar version [ new] £44

Extra Sensors + magnet £12 [normal] , £13 [original plug ] - less £2 if Ordered with RateMate
Replace battery £5 inc pp, Extra Magnet £2

Superseded RateMeters
Spares, Repair, Servicing and Batteries for ALL our superseded RateMeters e.g.['RateMeter /Timer', RateMaster 1, RowMaster etc., plus Cadence FC all available on request

CoxBase - while stocks last
unit complete with mic and charger [NK or DRT plugs] £120
Dual Plug version £130
Charger [ any type of amp] £6 for DRT plugs or £10 [for NK type plugs], Headband £4,
Extra Microphones from £30 inc pp- also suitable for NK.
Postage [Amps] £6

Speakers + wiring - see notes on main speaker page regarding speakers
-- DRT or NK type plugs]
Wiring looms to fit your speakers 1 speaker £30, +2sp £45, +3 sp £55, [ include speaker plugs] Extra per boat join £5.
Add £12 for Rate sensor
Speakers- supplied to special order, add £15 per speaker,
Bare Speaker only £13 ,
Carriage [UK] 1 'speaker' loom £5, 2 'speakers' loom£7, 3 speaker loom£8

Ask for quote on speaker carriage
Plugs [all inc pp], DRT main plug [wired] £6, 2 way Speaker plug kits [also as NK type] £5,
4 or 5 way Main Plug as used on NK wiring or chargers £6
Adaptor plugs
NK amp to DRT speakers £20, DRT amp to NK speakers £15 [ deduct £5 if no Ratemeter]
NK compatible spares [all include pp] Microphone [modified plug only] £40, Charger £12, Replacement plugs - see 'plugs section above]
RateSensor for 'Cox Box' or old 'Stroke Coach' £15

Repairs- We can do repairs on most makes of amp.
DRT units. Quotation given before repair - repairs rarely exceed £35
NK units Quotation given before repair Minimum charges :- [inc pp] £10,
New Hi Capacity battery for NK from £30 [ inc pp and min charge],

Postage- see above for prices. Items other than loudhailers- Usually sent First Class at customers risk-, or add £3 for recorded .


NOTE :- Prices include VAT, Cheques must be payable to 'R B DAVIES'


For more details, or to order, please go to contact page or:- DAVIES ROWTECH .
Tel 01832 274782 , email:-
enquiries 'at'
Please put @ instead of 'at', rather be than deleted as spam!

go to website 'The Firs', Main St. Southwick, Peterborough PE8 5BL UK