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Important News Update 1 June 2016

  We moved to Ireland in 2008 to retire, and effectively ceased to produce anything, except to special order after that date.

  Since then we have always provided technical backup on request and offered a repair service on request.

  We intend to still offer any technical help we can for as long as possible.

  However, as of now, we will no longer be offering any repair services at all for UK customers, unless private arrangements are made for delivery and collection.

  This is not of our choosing, it is because of the obstructive, ridiculous and totally ill considered ban, virtually world wide, on posting batteries and products containing batteries. The British Royal Mail in particular are being utterly over zealous on this matter- despite the fact that we  have been sending batteries by post, worldwide, for 40 years without problems.   The Royal Mail have also recently increased overseas packets cost hugely, as well as seemingly deliberately delaying the same, plus damaging or losing overseas parcels much more  lately!

Customers in Ireland should still contact us by email or at events, since we may still be able to help.

 Other EU countries do not seem to be quite so difficult, but the UK situation is now quite untenable due to Royal Mail nastiness, and is trying to push small traders out of business.

 With that attitude persisting and the fact that we only continued out of goodwill,  we have now decided to cease UK repairs unless delivered. There is no point in continuing.

 We apologise to our past customers and thank them for their custom, the real villain in the piece seems to be the excessive culture, to the point of absurdity ofHeath and Safety within the EU and most particularly within the the UK. The rest of the world is laughing it's head off at us, and rubbing it's hands with glee as they pick up business from the loss of smaller EU traders.

 A secondary factor for our closing is something which has been getting worse for 15 years, that is the appalling state of British club rowing. Those smaller British clubs and their members were our main, and highly valued, customers.

 The Elite groups, major Universities and public schools chose to buy overpriced and not always good quality foreign rowing equipment to use up their overlarge funding grants, to the detriment of UK rowing suppliers- indeed British Rowing officials made it clear, very unofficially of course, that progress at selection level depended on doing what they dictated, this including using  their 'preferred' equipment !

 BR now is only interested in itself on power trip, plus supporting a few elite athletes ,  whilst milking the little clubs for no return.

  UK Club rowing has dwindled of late due to many factors, not least being the imposition, on voluntarily run clubs of excessive admin and 'Safety' bureaucracy, combined with needless excessive fees going to BR which has all then driven people out of the sport.

 UK Umpiring now has become a joke when many Umpires no longer attend event to ensure fair racing, but simply go to pick trivial faults with the event and its competitors and acting as Health and Safety police, wasting organisers and rowers time.

 The average person sees this votes with their feet away from rowing and away goes the customer!

  One can only BR sees the light before it is too late for the sport- already the outside public regard rowing as elitist again- something we had got away from for while. Maybe bring back the NARA?


Existing Customers can contact us for advice via  email. DO NOT send repairs.

* see above note for Ireland

Thank you for your custom over the years.

Davies Rowtech /Davies Racing Boats  1985 to 2016

    Davies Row Tech is a UK based company that supplies a range of specialised rowing products - many developed, designed and built for rowers by rowers.
We have been making this equipment for some 25 years now, and have seen many of our competitors come and go!


  Page last updated01/06/16