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Rating StopWatches
for Coaches

  At last, a high quality but affordable

RATING Stopwatch,
3 stroke Rate measurement [5-180 spm],
500 lap/split Memory,
12/24hr Clock, Countdown, 20 hour stopwatch at 1/100 th sec, Pacer, Alarm etc.
Long life, replaceable Lithium battery, Water resistant case with neck lanyard, 4 button operation.Simple to use.
Similar to the original Seiko watch.

  Still 50 [€75]+ 3 [€4] postage  

Wind Speed Meter

Compact Hand held Wind Meters, with or without temperature and windchill measure.
Essential for windswept lakes etc.! Could save you a wasted or dangerous outing or help you decide on any gearing changes etc.
LCD Shows wind speed in 4 selectable units, with average, maximum and current values plus Beaufort scale indicator. Accuracy +/- 5%.
Normal temperature and windchill temperatures available.
Backlight fitted, Neck band for easy carrying and use, very light, water resistant, 39x17x98mm. easy change battery up to 1yr life.

Available to order

38 [ standard]

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