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CoxBase S Amplifier 


All now sold - sorry!

Designed as a simple unit, with no frills, but still providing ample power for up to 4 speakers, and with even more [- up to 6 hours] real battery life. [see notes below]
Will fit into the standard 'hole' fitted to some boats and with either normal NK or DRT output plugs to fit your existing speakers.
. On/Off switch + volume control, robust waterproof ABS box, battery charger etc.

'Charging' and 'ON' LED indicators.
Complete with Standard DRT Microphone- a detachable stainless steel voice tube microphone & headset. - very robust and effective without gimmicks.
Fully compatible with our older units

Case Dimensions:- 130mm x 80mm x 37mm

CoxBase S [DRT plug]




Got a broken or non working Amplifier?. We repair our own ,and most NK amps as well.
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DRT Amplifier Spares:
Available for all our current and most past amplifiers.

(All below parts normally supplied as standard with new amplifier orders)

Got an
old amplifier of ours and don't know how it works?
Email us for a new set of instructions Free.

NK compatible spares and Repairs


    Important - though production has ended, full spares and repairs continue as normal for our ORIGINAL Coxmate

[Not to be confused with a foreign product who took our brand name!]

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